Pool Safety Inspections

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When is a pool safety certificate required?

Long story short, you require a pool safety certificate:

  • If you own a property with a pool or spa
  • When you buy or sell a property with a pool or spa
  • If you manage a resort or caravan park with a pool or spa
  • If you manage a hotel, motel or hostel with a pool or spa

Pool safety legislation is constantly being revised in Queensland to ensure the safety of everyone, not just those who swim in a pool. If you’re a pool owner, it’s important to stay up to date and be aware of your requirements. KR Building & Pest Inspections recommends that you have your pool inspected by professionals to ensure compliance with law, and obtain your pool safety certificate.

No leaf is left unturned. We’ll inspect the pool, its fencing and surrounds to determine whether your pool adheres to current safety standards. Only when your pool is compliant do we issue a safety certificate. Call to arrange an inspection today.

Our licensed inspectors are also certified QBCC builders who are more than capable of providing pool fence safety repairs onsite to ensure quicker compliance times from inspection to certificate issuing.

Pool Fence Repairs

One of the most common reasons an inspection is failed is due to pool fencing. Proper pool fence maintenance increases your chance of pool safety certification while decreasing the likelihood of accidents occurring.

Before a KR Inspections pool inspector arrives at your property, it’s important to check a number of things:

  • Are there any objects next to the fence that a child could climb onto?
  • Could a child climb the rails of a neighbouring fence line?
  • Is the fence height 1200mm or higher?
  • Are the gate latches and hinges compliant?
  • Is the gap from the bottom rail of the fence 100mm or less?
  • Is the gap between the upright railings 100mm or less?

If there is an issue with your pool fencing, our QBCC licensed and APSIC accredited pool fence repairers will perform all necessary work to guarantee you receive your certification. We can service and make repairs to all existing gates and pool fences, from glass and Perspex panels to latches, hinges and pool posts. Contact us for all your pool safety needs.