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01 Feb. 18

Is it important to have a pest and building inspection on a property on the Gold Coast?

If you’re considering buying a home or investment property, it is absolutely essential to engage the services of a professional building and pest inspector on the Gold Coast.

A professional inspection will safeguard you against throwing away your money on a property that will potentially cost you a fortune down the track.

As with anywhere else in Australia, Gold Coast dwellings are prone to the same faults, flaws and afflictions. Your new dream home could be subject to structural damage or building imperfections that could stop you from obtaining a bank loan to buy the property.

Most financial institutions won’t grant you a home loan unless you’ve had a pest and building inspection in order to protect themselves from huge financial losses should your home be deemed uninhabitable within just a few years or even months after the purchase date.

According to the qualified pest experts at KR Building & Pest Inspections, South-East Queensland is especially prone to termite infestations, due to its climate and predominant natural bushland setting.

Are Pest Inspections a Must Before You Buy Your Property?

Pests are the enemies of real estate agents as they pose a huge problem for homebuyers and sellers and can potentially sway the sale of a home.

Nobody wants to move into a home that is already inhabited – especially one with infestations of unwelcome residents, such as rodents, cockroaches and the real villains of the building industry, termites.

Pest infestations can cause a huge amount of damage to a property. Termites have a nasty reputation of having lead to certain properties becoming condemned due to the advanced amount of internal structural damage they have caused to supports, foundations, flooring and ceilings.

Rodents can also lead to a property being deemed as not fit for occupancy – especially if the rats or mice have eaten away at electrical cabling, causing potential fire hazards within the home.

You don’t want to be a clueless homebuyer who shacks up with some creepy crawlies for houseguests, so a Gold Coast pest inspection is your best bet towards safeguarding yourself and your family against this type of threat.

Why Do You Need a Building Inspection?

Browsing the real estate sites and going to property open homes is only the first step to finding your ideal address. Often buyers can be blinded to potential issues and structural weaknesses because they’ve fallen in love with a property and can’t see any hidden surprises or future issues, such as a large amount of maintenance inside and out.

A building inspection won’t necessarily burst your property bubble but it will bring your feet back to earth with the possibilities of repairs or minor alterations.

You can either make a request to the vendor to rectify these issues, such as fix structural damages or install a pool safety fence. Otherwise it gives you some room to move over the bargaining price if you’re still prepared to buy the property but will carry out the renovations yourself.

Some of the flaws your Gold Coast building inspector may uncover include timber rot, mould and water damage or major structural issues, such as uneven flooring, broken floorboards and stairs, damaged eaves or loose foundations.

A Building & Pest Safety Report

The benefit of hiring a licensed property inspector on the Gold Coast is you will receive your very own written report, listing all or any structural flaws, even such minor items as loose pavers or peeling paint, and any pest issues to watch out for.

Don’t risk your future and contact the property experts at KR Building & Pest Inspections on 0458 636 705 for your peace of mind.

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