Building and Pest Inspections on the Gold Coast & Brisbane

KR Building & Pest Inspections is committed to offering prompt and affordable building and property, pool safety and pest inspections. As certified QBCC licensed builders, we offer a range of reputable and specialised services including property reports, pool fence safety certificates, and pool fence repairs. Based on the Gold Coast, KR Inspections services residential, commercial and body corporate clients in all areas between Brisbane and Byron Bay.

We are also available to travel outside the South East Queensland, Northern Rivers regions for larger jobs.

Building Inspection Reports

Before you buy a property, make sure you get a building inspection report. Our licensed inspectors have a vast knowledge of the local Gold Coast area and will supply you with an informative and independent property inspection report.

These detailed and informative reports will allow you to make an informed decision on the property and allow you to buy in confidence.

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Are you worried about pest damage to timber? KR Inspections specialise in finding building defects that include mould, moisture, water damage, movement and pest infestations.

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Pest Inspection Gold Coast

Pest Inspection Reports

Termite damage to Gold Coast homes is on the increase in 2018.

Termite damage can cost thousands to repair, so make sure before you buy a property on the Gold Coast, that you obtain a pest inspection report.

Before you sign any contract, contact us at KR Inspections and our fully licensed building and pest inspectors will provide you with an independent pest inspection report.

Whether it’s termites, rats, spiders or cockroaches, KR Inspections can formulate a plan for managing, treating, removing or terminating every type of pest at domestic and commercial properties.

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Pool Safety Inspection Reports

Thinking of selling your home?

Call us today for a pool safety compliance check and report.

If you are buying a property and the seller does not provide you with a pool safety certificate, you must obtain one within 90 days of settlement, so make sure you call us before you buy.    

It’s important to stay up to date with the constantly changing pool safety legislation, not only for compliance reasons, but also for the safety of everyone. Book a pool safety inspection today. We are licensed in Queensland only. We can also provide pool fence repairs.

Property Inspection Reports

Before you sign the contract and take the keys to your brand new home, be sure to call on KR Inspections. After a thorough inspection at your property, our licensed inspectors will provide a comprehensive written report, delivered within 24 hours.

A property inspection report will give you piece of mind, having the property inspected uncovers any structural or building faults, and knowing the condition of a property before you buy can help save you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs.  

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KR Building & Pest Inspections is a local Gold Coast business providing affordable building, property, pool safety and pest inspections to residential, commercial and body corporate clients between Brisbane and Byron Bay. Our licensed and fully insured inspectors offer written reports, pool certificates and pool fence repairs. We are willing to travel for larger jobs.

What happens during a Building and Pest Inspection?

  1. A building and pest inspection is a comprehensive investigation of your property.
  2. It is designed to establish the true condition of your property, which is intended for residential use.
  3. All areas of your property will be investigated inside and out.
  4. Building and pest inspections involve going into the roof and under the house.
  5. Your building inspector is a registered builder, not a plumber, electrician, air conditioner technician, swimming pool equipment technician etc.

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How Much is the Cost of a Termite Inspection?

The cost of a termite and/or pest inspection report for an average size house starts at around $200 per property depending on location.

Larger houses or Apartment blocks will depend on location, style of construction and ease of access to the building.

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