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14 Mar. 18

Pool Safety Certificates – Why You Should Have One In Queensland

If you’re looking at buying or selling a home with a pool on the Gold Coast, you’ll need one very important piece of paper before you even set foot in a real estate office, A Pool Safety Certificate.

Queensland state legislation surrounding the mandatory fencing of all residential and commercial swimming pools has come about after the tragic drowning deaths of several young children.

The state and federal governments are keen to eliminate the harm not only to children but the families of potential future victims by reducing the risk of little ones who can’t swim from accessing swimming pool enclosures.

Know the Laws

Whether you own a pool on the Gold Coast for personal use or for guests in your hotel, caravan park or apartment complex, a pool safety certificate is a legal requirement in Queensland. There are certain criteria that need to be met to ensure you are issued a valid pool safety certificate by a licensed inspector.

The qualified team at KR Inspections can help you throughout the entire process.

Pool Safety Inspections

Our professional, accredited inspectors are all QBCC-certified builders and are on hand to leave no stone unturned so your pool is safe for use. During the inspection, the pool safety assessor will compare the surroundings of the pool, the fencing and the pool itself with the safety standards currently in force in Queensland.

All our professional pool repairers at KR Inspections are APSIC and QBCC-licensed and if any concerns are uncovered, the team will undertake all alterations in a precise and prompt manner. This makes the wait time between your inspection and the issuing of your pool safety certificate much faster.

Some things to watch out for may be fence height, any gaps in the enclosure and the fence’s proximity to climbable objects.

Pool Fence Safety

A problem with the surrounding fencing is the main reason that most pools fail to obtain a certificate. While compliant fencing increases the likelihood of gaining your documentation, it also helps reduce the risk of accidents. Most pool fence safety repairs are minor and, of course, our inspectors will discuss your options if larger scale maintenance is required.

There are a few recommendations for you to consider before one of our Gold Coast pool safety inspections takes place. We advise that there are no objects situated near the fence that a child could easily climb over and that the minimum height of the fence is 1.2m, while not being easily climbable.

Ensure that all locks and latches on gates function correctly and that the height between the bottom of the railings and the ground, along with the gap between the railings, is not more than 100mm. Try not to resent the stringent guidelines as they help ensure the safety and enjoyment of your pool.

What to Do Next

If you have already built a pool in your yard yet don’t hold a current certificate or you have recently bought a property with a pool but not been left a certificate, it is imperative you contact one of our Gold Coast pool inspectors to avoid having to pay a fine.

If you do hold a certificate, ensure it is valid by having your property inspected. Legislation may have changed so it is in your best interest to ensure you are still fully compliant.

Take advantage of our guidance and expertise and contact us today at KR Inspections to schedule your pool safety check.

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