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Building & Pest Inspections

This is not a good idea.

Your friend is no doubt good at what he does. They are probably proficient in all things structural, and knows how to spot a pest problem. That being said, a building and pest inspection is a completely different ball game. A qualified inspector, will undertake an extensive investigation of your property, inside and out.

On the legal side of it, what happens if a serious problem is identified in your house not long after you’ve moved in? Would you take your builder friend to court, because they didn’t spot the issue? Let the professionals look after your building and pest needs.

A building and pest inspection is a comprehensive investigation of your property.

It is designed to establish the true condition of your property, which is intended for residential use. All areas of your property will be investigated inside and out. Building and pest inspections involve going into the roof and under the house. Your building inspector is a registered builder, not a plumber, electrician, air conditioner technician, swimming pool equipment technician etc.

While we do look at the condition of many of these items, such as plumbing and electrical, we do state that our builder is an expert in structural building related issues and will have limited capacity to professionally comment on some types of items. This includes items such as air conditioning, alarms, intercoms, appliances, reticulation etc.  KR Building and Pest Inspections use technical equipment such as thermal imaging, Termatrac, moisture metres and colour digital photography. Your property’s structural condition is noted and evidence of pests are identified and reported, so that you know exactly what to expect from your newest property purchase.

Yes we are. Our inspections and reports are covered by professional indemnity insurance from Australia’s leading insurer for building and pest inspections – Rapid Solutions. We also hold public liability insurance cover.


Both our building and pest inspectors are fully licensed as required by the QBCC to undertake and report on pre-purchase and pre-sale building and pest inspections. Our licence numbers and details will also appear on all of our agreements and reports.

General Information & Questions

Yes, you are more than welcome attend, although for safety reason you are unable to go into the roof or under the house, once our inspectors have completed their inspection of the property they can then discuss their findings with you.

They can provide a verbal summary of any major issues they identified, which will then be followed up with written reports within 24 hours.

Your confidential and professional report is provided within 24hrs of the inspection via email, and our professional Inspectors are readily available to discuss your property concerns.

Our inspectors will provide detailed and informative reports so that you can make an informed decision on the property and buy with confidence. If you have a tight deadline please let us know and we will meet it.

If you find live termites in your home, firstly do not disturb the termites and do not spray them with household sprays. Cover and protect the area so that the termites will stay in the location where you discovered them.

Then call us on 0458 636 705 and we can have one of our experienced termite inspectors out to inspect the extent of the infestation for you.

You can either call me direct on 0458 636 705.

You can also make a booking on our web site by using our Request Services contact form, as soon as we receive your email I’ll contact you to arrange a booking time.

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